Does OSPAN provide pre- and post-award management?

OSPAN services cover nearly all aspects of research administration, although some tasks remain within the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP), Grants Accounting, and other research support units.

Is OSPAN available to assist PIs in off-hours and beyond normal workdays?

Access to OSPAN staff cannot be guaranteed outside of normal business hours.

Does OSPAN prepare and provide reports and budgetary information required by the PI and their department, college, or institution?

OSPAN works with the PI and department/division administration to provide monthly reports for grant accounts, as well as the funding allocation changes.

Does OSPAN prepare cost summary reports for all grants?

OSPAN works with the PI to complete the final cost summary report for all grant accounts.

Does OSPAN assist with progress reports for investigators?

OSPAN works with the PI to complete the progress report in MUSE and eRA Commons, Assist, and other sponsor applications. (We will ask you to give access to OSPAN staff to assist with the process.)