Sponsored Programs Administration in the time of Coronovirus (COVID-19)

  Q: Will ORSP and OSPAN remain open?

A: Yes.  It is possible that we will all be working remotely, but we plan to be available via email and Skype.  If you do not receive an answer when calling, please leave a voicemail.  All ORSP and OSPAN employees have access to their voicemail via email. 

 Q: Will I still be able to submit my grant proposal?

A: Yes.  At this time all grant submission portals are up and running.  TRACKS is accessible via the internet.

 Q: Do the internal grant proposal deadlines still apply?

A: Yes. We ask that you abide by the 7 business day deadline for draft proposals. Work closely with your OSPAN administrator to assist in meeting this deadline. 

We also ask that final grant applications be received by ORSP 72 hours (3 business days) before the published funding agency deadline.  This extra day will allow ORSP plenty of time to coordinate with our investigators and OSPAN to ensure that our grant proposals are in the best shape possible for submission.

 Q: Who can I contact if I have an urgent question about a grant proposal?

A: Please get in touch with your assigned ORSP or OSPAN representatives via e-mail, skype, or voicemail.



What will OSPAN need to help me complete my application?

Download the minimal list of items needed and the deadline for those documents

Will the service provided by this unit cover all aspects of research including pre and post-award?

It will cover nearly all aspects of research administration though tasks will remain within the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP), Grants Accounting and other research support units.

Will the Office of Sponsored Programs Administrative Network be available to assist PIs in off-hours and beyond normal workdays?

However, this should be an exception to the normal circumstance. With prior planning, our portion of the work should be completed at least 7 days in advance of the deadline.

Will all of Office of Sponsored Programs Administrative Network be housed together?

We will have 3 separate offices to be near the faculty we serve. The offices will be located in BioMed II, Walker annex of the WPRCI and the College of Nursing in Ed II.

Will the Office of Sponsored Programs Administrative Network prepare and provide reports and budgetary information required by the PI and his/her department, college or institution?

OSPAN will work with the PI and department/division administration to provide monthly reports for grant accounts as well as the funding allocation changes.

Will cost summary reports be prepared by shared services group for all grants?

OSPAN will work with the PI to complete the final cost summary report for all grant accounts.

Will shared services assist with progress reports for investigators?

OSPAN will work with the PI to complete the progress report in TRACKS and eraCommons, Assist, other sponsor applications. (We will ask you to give access to OSPAN staff to assist with the process)

Will shared services departments do workflow approvals or will that stay with departments?

Departments will remain part of the approval process. The project team will work out the details of how approval occurs.

What is the ultimate goal of shared services?

To help UAMS faculty in seeking and obtaining sponsored program support from industry, federal, state and private sources.

What responsibilities are moving from departments to shared services?

The Office of Sponsored Programs Administrative Network will play the key role in proposal development, preparation of proposals for submission, post-award management of spending and reporting and project closeout. In each of these activities and others, the Office of Sponsored Programs Administrative Network will need to work closely with PIs and departments.